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Riff. Record. Share

Riff Raters is an iPhone app that lets musicians record and share their riffs with the world. Listeners rate and comment on the music they hear, helping to determine which riffs make the Top 25.

Riffs are short repeated melodic phrases, usually lasting no more than twenty seconds like a musical tweets. Musicians can record original riffs on their iPhone/iTouch with any instrument. All instruments and musical styles are welcome: funky bass lines, blistering guitar work, intricate piano arrangements, cowbell solos, etc.

Even if you don't have an instrument to record a riff on Riff Raters, you can rate and comment on the riffs you hear, browsing by instrument, genre or musician. And as riffs become more popular, they rise up the charts. Fans even have the opportunity to be notified when their favorite riffers upload new riffs.

Riff Raters is for anyone who loves music and enables musicians to spread the news about their music and expand their fan base.

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Listen & Explore

  • Explore Riff Raters' ever-growing library of riffs.
  • Browse by instrument or genre to discover music from emerging artists.
  • Rate and comment on the riffs you hear.
  • Build your own Favorites List with riffs of your choice. Go back and listen to your favorites whenever you want.
  • Become a fan of your favorite Riffers. You'll be notified whenever their new riffs become available.
  • Check out the newest riffs and the Top 25.

Record & Broadcast

  • Record your own riffs -- anywhere, anytime. All you need is your iPhone/iTouch and an instrument.
  • Edit your music with Riff Raters' reverb and trimming tools to get the sound you want.
  • Use geotagging to let listeners know where in the world your riff was recorded.
  • See what listeners think of your riffs by checking out your riff's ratings and comments.
  • Build a fan base and shoot for the Top 25!

Riff Sharing

As more explicitly stated in the End User License Agreement, you agree that as the user of this Application, (a) any material you upload to the Application is owned by you or you have obtained from the owner written permission to use the material, and (b) you will not use material uploaded by others if your use violates the owners' rights.

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